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Cafe Neo is where we post our latest news, share our ponderings and inspirations, upload previews, behind the scenes exclusives, feedback and progress on our latest projects, and links to new friends, colleagues, musicians and artists and other fun stuff: - There's more to see on our Vimeo Link Off Channel.
It's long overdue, but we've been busy over the last few weeks giving our website a makeover.
As well as updating the content, we simplified the navigation and polished up the graphics.

We hope you like the new look, all feedback is welcome, you can leave your comments on our Get In Touch page.
Posted by : Mr X - 7th February, 2015.
Lately, we've been busy road testing some new sofware upgrades, and we've set up a new on-line video channel.

If you want to see what we've been up to, we'll be uploading a little bit of everything, which you can now check out here, on VIMEO.
Posted by : Fluff - 2nd January, 2015.
Lee and Angie are on their exciting venture into the world of hospitality.
Bookings are coming in thick and fast for accomodation at thier exclusive surf camp in the town of Ahangama, South Sri Lanka.
We wish them well and good times.
You can take a look at thier site here SION SURF CAMP full of pics and videos...Wish you were there?
Posted by : Fluff - 3rd December, 2014.
Esther has released her first album “The Other Country” which has received positive reviews by not only UK Folk Radio and UK Fatea Magazine but many others. Her songs have been played Europe-wide on British, French and Scandinavian radio stations amongst others. She is currently working on her second album with a new line-up.
NEO helped Chris Almond with some of the video content for her website, ESTHER ROSE PARKES.
Posted by : Fluff - 28th November, 2014.
Tomorrow Senator Alan Maclean will be taking centre stage for the F3 unveilling ceremony.
The building, now the home of Digital Jersey, was recently taken on by Polygon Properties and has undergone major refurbishment works.
Neo designed and project managed the new building's iconic branding and signage, and we wish Alex and Verienne all the best for tomorrow. FORUM F3 WEBSITE .
Posted by : SF - 8th October, 2014.